The square heel is back this season and our feet are grateful


Goodbye, stiletto, goodbye … Now the trend in shoes is comfortable and casual, cheers for the square heel! And we don’t say it, the royalty Kate Middleton and Letizia Ortiz from Spain have made it clear, now they are wide heeled shoes.

We could not be more grateful for this trend, because you will no longer have to sacrifice looking groomed in exchange for terrible pain caused by very fine heels. Amen, sisters! Join this trend that is going to sweep in the spring, and see how you can combine them. You can find this type of heel like this:


Blue shoes with square heel


Orange shoes with square heel

Or trapezoidal

Black shoes with square heel

Wear them with a jacket for a casual look

Woman with brown plaid jacket wears jeans and beige shoes with square heels

With pants and a basic blouse are perfect protagonists

Woman wears white blouse, jeans and bag and orange shoes with square heels

Wear them on par with a jacket

Blonde loose hair girl in black jacket, denim shorts and square heels

Perfect for a casual afternoon

Blonde girl wears denim pants, pink flowery blouse and square heels

I’m going to drink something

Sitting girl leans her face on her arm wearing blue jeans and square orange shoes

They are so comfortable that you can take walks with them

Girl from behind looks at a painting and wears white blouse, jeans and square heels

Stylize your figure without interfering with comfort

Blonde woman sitting reading a restaurant menu wears black blouse, jeans, sunglasses and square shoes

You can go fixed but without sacrificing your legs

Woman with loose hair wears jeans, gold jacket square heels

Give a plus to a Look simple

Short-haired woman crouched sticking photos wearing jeans denim pants and silver-colored square heels

You can take them without fear to work

Woman poses on her back and wears white blua, black jeans and square heels

We love!

Seated woman crosses leg and wears yellow blouse, gray pants and white square heels

Cake Baking
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