This is the important reason to give yourself a ‘break’ from the exercise


When we begin to fully enter all of the world fitness We firmly believe that the more exercise we do the faster we can notice the results, and that even as beginners we have no right to take a short break.

But the reality is different, because although it is true that our body is getting used to a new routine of physical activity, the truth is that we need to rest and have that recovery that will allow us to continue with that routine.

The benefits of exercise

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It is no lie that when we start exercising our energy levels go up and we can do even more activities than before, we begin to notice that our muscles improve and that we begin to lose fat.

The bad comes after a few months of starting with exercise, because it is increasingly difficult for us to continue with that routine, our body begins to feel sore, and despite the fact that routines do not tire us more, our energy is minimal; inclusive, beginner exercises are considered heavy. When that happens a week of download is necessary.

What is a download week?

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It can have a variation from person to person, and that is that each one of us can see it in a completely different way. For this we will focus on two types of recoveries or discharges: the active and the passive. The passive is one in which we move minimally, we only walk what is necessary and we move for the essential; In short, we stopped exercising for a week.

On the other hand there is the active discharge or recovery, which can be in various forms, and is perfect for those who do not want to stop exercising, but we believe that it is time to free our body a little from its usual routine, and we present you with the downloads more common.

These are the types of active download

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Some of them may sound familiar to you, but rest assured that each one helps you differently and, best of all, provides benefits to your body. So try some and choose the one that suits you best.

Cool down after the routine

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He collapse it is essential after every exercise routine; It may seem like an exaggeration, but the truth is that so that your muscles do not have knots the next day you must continue moving for 10 to 15 more minutes. Some of the most common routines of collapse are some post-exercise yoga or stretching positions.

Rest intervals during the routine

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Are you one of those who does not rest between series and series of each exercise? Well let me tell you that you have done it wrong during all this time, because when doing all the running series the only thing you can do is exhaust your body faster and get tired. It is recommended to take 30-second intervals between series and series, but for your download week, perform 60-second intervals.

During rest days

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Another way to carry out your download week is through rest days. Usually we only take one break a week, but this time you will have two days of exhaustive exercise and one day off, and so on until the end of the week; During your day off, to avoid neglecting movement, go for a half hour walk, ride a bike or do light stretches at home.

Lifted weight reduction

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This option will fascinate you and above all it will allow you to rest from your usual weight; what you should do is reduce the amount of weight you usually lift, you can reduce it by 40 to 60 percent, and likewise reduce the number of repetitions you do.

Have sex

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As you read it, a good way to rest from the physical exercise of your habitual routine is having sexual relations, because as we know it is a different way in which our body remains active; so you know, take note and enjoy with your lover.

Recovery Week Benefits

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Having a week of download or recovery has several benefits, among which are:

  • You will have more energy and strength, in addition to which your muscle will be strengthened.
  • Your mind will feel freer, so if you are looking for a way to eliminate stress this is easy and effective.
  • You will have greater flexibility in the muscles and less accumulation of lactic acid, which is what causes your muscles to be sore after you have exercised.
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