This Nivea cream for men will help your makeup last ALL day


Most makeup primers on the market are around $ 20-40, but the famous youtuber of beauty Nikkie Tutorials He discovered a balm as an inexpensive option at an affordable price of $ 9. And, since then, dozens of bloggers love this trick and even in a story of Snapchat Kylie Jenner approved this magical tip.

I don’t remember correctly, but I think I ran out of facial cream and searched through my boyfriend’s stuff when I found Nivea after shaving for sensitive skin. That day I did my makeup as always and for some reason my skin looked amazing until night. The next day I did it again and the result was the same, so then I said: bingo!

Nikkie read more about it and researched the ingredients in the product. This beauty guru discovered that the glycerin included in the lotion helps keep makeup on the skin fixed, such as a high-cost primer, but at a pharmacy price.

This is what half a face looks like using Nivea primer

woman shows difference face makeup left right

Do you notice the difference on the left? If you already dared to try Nivea after shave for sensitive skin, I will tell you how you should use it for a better result.

1. Apply the lotion and massage lightly in circles

woman smiling with lotion face circles

This will help the glycerin in the product to be activated and with it the formula makes the following products that you apply stay on your face throughout the day.

2. Always use version sensitive skin

nivea lotion after shaving sensitive skin

This step is vital since part of the Magic of this discovery is that the Nivea after shaving was for “sensitive skin”, since it does not contain alcohol and this will protect your face from all kinds of irritations.

3. Similarly, do a hypoallergenic test first

asian woman with blue blouse and white lotion in her hand

Only one of 10 youtubers of beauty who tried this economic primer commented that he does not recommend it for extra-sensitive skin, since in his case he suffered from irritations. You can do a test on the skin of your wrist before applying it to your face.

The million dollar question: with or without primer?

woman with split face with and without makeup

It all depends on the occasion. If you are one of the girls who have a long schedule during the day and who will hardly have time for a makeup touch-up, go for it, try the primer before all your beauty routine.

If walking from early hours wearing makeup is not your thing, leave the primer option only for a special occasion. It could be a night party, a date with your boy or an intense day of interviews.

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