Tone your arms and eliminate the ‘rolls’ of the armpits with these exercises


One of the main purposes we have at the beginning of the year is to go to the gym or at least do a little physical activity once in a while. The pleasure is short-lived and many abandon their goals fitness mid-year, but it’s never too late to start again!

If what you want is to have strong arms, without flaccidity and without those ‘little rolls’ that are made under the armpits, these exercises will be your salvation. You can start doing them twice a week to notice surprising changes.

1. Barbell exercise

Barbell exercise to remove rolls from the armpits

For this exercise you can use a broomstick with bags filled with sand to add a little weight; it’s optional. Stand up and open your legs at shoulder height, hold the bar and without changing your posture raise it until it reaches the top of your chest and slowly lower. Do three repetitions of one minute each with 30 seconds of rest between them.

2. Prey of chest with ball

Dumbbell arm press

Excellent exercise to work the shoulders and triceps. Lie down halfway through the ball with the weight dumbbells of your choice. Lower your arms to your sides with your elbows slightly bent. Do three 60-minute repetitions and rest 30 seconds between each round.

3) Jab cross with weights

Side-to-side dumbbell exercises

Place both arms at the sides of your body and then extend your left arm with a small punch to the right and return to the starting position. Now repeat with the right arm to the left, and so on until completing one minute. Do three more rounds and rest 30 seconds between each one.

4. Chest press with extended legs

Dumbbell Chest Press

Here you will exercise your whole body, let’s get to work! Lie on your back on a mat with your arms across your chest and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle; You should already have your dumbbells in your hands.

Raise your arms above your chest and your shoulders off the mat as you extend your legs up. Return to the starting position and repeat until completing 45 seconds; do four more repetitions.

5. lizards

Woman doing a lizard

Nothing is better known and practical than a long pole, and it is that it is a very complete exercise with magnificent results. Support your knees on a mat and lower as much as you can; repeat the exercise 10 to 12 times and do four rounds.

If you need someone to guide you through your routine, there are also great options on YouTube to achieve those dream arms:

Tones without adding weight

Use dumbbells to increase the difficulty

Take advantage of your elastic bands

Complete 30-minute routine

Goodbye fat and hello strong arms with cardio and box

Remember that a fundamental part of your results is an adequate diet … and don’t forget to drink water! In a short time those ‘little rolls’ will be gone.

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