YouTuber promises a flat stomach in a week with this series of exercises


Holly Dolke, a personal trainer whose YouTube channel has nearly half a million subscribers, designed an exercise routine that promises a flatter stomach in just a week.

Yes, we know that fat in the abdominal area is the most difficult to combat and that it requires combining a balanced diet with balance, but according to “the girl who has tried everything”, as she defines herself, this intense training guarantees results.

The wonderful functional exercises

a woman in sportswear standing in front of a white wall making explanatory movements with her hands

The routine is made up of both classic abs and this type of exercise -the functional ones- that are based on the integration of all body movements; that is, they do not work only one group of muscles in isolation, but several together.

Only lasts 13 minutes

a woman doing sit-ups on a mat on a wooden floor and white background with shelves

Dolke presents routines aimed at girls who do not have time to go to the gym, so they are short and with basic equipment that can be had at home. In the case of her intense training for the abdomen, it is about 13 minutes that she guides at all times so that we observe how to do each movement.

Food is key

screenshot of a video where a woman does abdominal exercises on a mat on the wooden floor with a gray sofa behind

Obviously Holly Dolke clarifies in the video that diet is very important to get well-toned abs, so in addition to exercises she advises a balanced diet and add three cardio sessions a week to say goodbye to waist fat.

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